Monday, April 12, 2010

Mary Moments

Lenten Lesson #3 - Living in the moment

It's time, again. It's time to re-discover and appreciate living in the moment. I've put on the hat of Martha and learned some of her skills, but I need to find my Mary-ness.

When are times when the rest of the world fades away and I am captivated by the moment? When do I find joy?

Mary Moments
  • Having a conversation with a baby who's barely talking and figuring out what they're "saying" by their non-verbal cues.

  • Noticing a gentle response from my child during an annoying situation.

  • Being able to soothe a hurt just by nursing a crying baby.

  • A cup of coffee with a friend and finding that it's an hour later than you expected.

  • Starring so deeply into Dave's eyes when were engaged that the checkout girl said, "Wow. You really adore him, don't you?"

  • Watching a child I've taught to ...(read, cook, sew, etc.) reading to a younger child just for the enjoyment of the other child.

  • Noticing please and thank you coming from my children, even in play.

I think the first step is knowing what joy I'm looking for. Finding it will come with prayer and seeking.

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