Thursday, April 07, 2016

Happy Graduation, Emma!!

It was surreal finalizing Emma MacDonald​'s high school transcript tonight. Today she finished her last day of homeschool high school.
ADHD, a personality that blew the walls off our house with violent extremes of exhilaration and tragic sorrow (sometimes within 60 seconds of each other); epic successes always came with equally large failures and mistakes (and epic emotions to accompany both). 

A lack of impulse control resulted in broken bones, broken friendships and tears (from siblings, too).  The ocean of waves of anger because of the tyranny of being forced to do math, "AGAIN, TODAY!?!" (everyday).

I spent so much time on knees for that child -- begging God to get us through the next day.

I publicly proclaim all this to say, "Look what God has done."  Today, this grown woman strives for temperance and wisdom and to only do God's Will. She admits when she is wrong and is generous with her time, talents and praise of others.
 She still blows the walls off our house with her larger-than-life personality. She also graces our family (our community & our world) with her advanced cooking skills, the music that flows out of her, and she is the pied piper of fun (and trouble) in our house.  She's NEVER enjoyed academics, but through self-discipline and fortitude, she spent the last 2 years raising her GPA and completing all her school work.
Raising this girl has been a wild ride and there were months/years I suffered mightily.

Some of my favorite memories:

Baby Story 1997

Blast from the Past 2002 - Emma jumped out of the 2nd story window at 4yrs old

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