Monday, September 10, 2007

Things that go bump in the night

Ds#4 pulled out his first tooth last night (after lights out, I must add). Dave's comment was "your baby isn't a baby anymore" -- he just wanted to rub it in... he does look seriously cute with that little hole in his mouth.

Dd#2 was soooo excited about it all, that she ran upstairs after racing down with the boys to show us, and went catapulting into Ds#4's lower bunk. In the dark, she missed the pillow and hit the corner of the corner post -- with her head. Now, Dd#2 crying after bedtime hours due to being rowdy/naughty is not at all unusual. As a matter of fact, it's a common occurance. As many times as we've disciplined her, reminded her, rewarded good behavior -- she's just going to be one of those kids. Unfortunately, her body is the big looser in all these disobedience senarios. Dave and I are convinced that God scheduled a VERY competant guardian angel for her from the beginning knowing that this angel would get a promotion for a hard life-time of work. We're not even sure HOW the angel keeps her alive - but VERY thankful that God is stronger than even this girl's desire for thrills. It took from 9:20 to 12:30am to help her feel better so that she could go to sleep. We comforted her for 3 hours with examples of what could have happened to her that would have been so much worse than what happened.

P.S. Dave was quite appauled that I even wanted to take her picture like this and even more shocked that she let me! He was abstaining from memorializing this painful moment in time.


  1. That looks unbelievably painful.

  2. I'm sure it WAS. But the next day, about 12 hours from the original incident, I had to stop her from trying to catapult herself over a cement wall at the library. She reached her hands up as high as they would go, hung onto the outside of the railing that goes up the steps, and tryed to throw her feet above her head and over the railing that was about 2 feet taller than she was. When I asked her if her face really wanted to be upside down against a cement wall that close in time to her injury, she said, "OH. Yeah." and walked up the steps like a normal person.