Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Medieval Torture Apparatus

I got my Medieval Torture Apparatus in the mail and put it on right away. I'm amazed at the difference it's made. I still have a lot of difficulty getting around (reduced mobility, it takes a big effort to walk and stand), but I'm not in pain all the time like I was. THANK YOU, JESUS!

Here are the answers to some of the questions I've been getting :
  • If this thing were made of black leather straps rather than white elastic, it would look like a weird pregnancy S&M thing.
  • No, I won't embarrass Dave by taking my picture in it and posting it on my blog -- even OVER my clothes! (My husband would be mortified.)
  • The cheapest place I found it was Amazon for $71 + $10 s&h.
  • Thank you Laura, my midwife, and Janis, her nurse for recommending it. I've had this condition for the last 4 pregnancies (it just got worse with each one) and they are the first to diagnose anything more than "pregnancy hurts."
  • After having it on for 5 hours the first day, I sat for several hours. I braced myself for the effort and pain of having to stand. I exerted the tremendous effort to stand and steadied myself for the wave of pain and the following wave of nausea from the pain that was to follow. Standing was an effort...but no pain. I was just ... standing. I was AMAZED and THRILLED!! No pain, no nausea -- just effort.
  • It takes a few hours of having it on in the morning before I notice a difference.
  • It has reduced the constant sensation of needing to go to the bathroom. I only have that sensation when I really need to go.

$100 + difficulty getting it on + absurdity of the contraption = a small price to pay for this much pain reduction.

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