Thursday, September 06, 2007

Room Re-do

Dd#2 has been longing for the last year to have her sister move back in with her. She does not like sleeping alone. I offered to allow her to move in with her brothers, who she ends up cuddling either in their room or hers at least half the time, but she didn't want to. With trying to decide where to put the new baby, Dd#2 has decided to move in with her brothers, who have the largest bedroom. Dave, who is in charge of all bedtime rituals in our house, isn't so sure this will work. So, last night the 3 kids slept together to prove how quitetly they could go to sleep. This morning they worked on cleaning the boys' room and reorganizing it for beauty and function in hopes that Dd#2 will be allowed to move in. I thought it was adorable of them to work so hard to get to spend more time together (because it's not like they spend every waking moment together -- er, wait, they do.)
I was too tired this morning to climb back up the stairs to see their work, so Dd#2 took the digital camera up for me.

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