Monday, September 24, 2007

I've been tagged

By Amy to list 7 random things about myself (I'd better double check my punctuation*/:)'% before Amy reads this.

  1. When I was in 5th grade I let the boys in school talk me into breathing in and out really fast and one of them grabbed me from behind and squeezed my stomach and made me pass out. We got in so much trouble with the nuns that even though I though it was really cool, I never tried it again.
  2. I don't like pink or clothes with bows on it -- even on my babies.
  3. I'm like Jesus, I've never broken a bone.
  4. I was quiet and almost shy as a kid (isn't that ironic!) (or is ironic)! Punctuation around parenthesis always confuses me.
  5. I've always been proud of my freckles (my dad told me they were cute when I was little).
  6. I don't have any stretch marks on my stomach (I even amazed my midwife with this one) -- do you think I'm jinxing myself by saying that before the pregnancy is over?
  7. I met Jesus (as my best friend) in the 4th grade during Confession through the leading of an old priest. I'm so thankful for that priest who took me on his lap while I was crying during confession and led me to Christ!

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