Monday, March 02, 2015

Midwinter Homeschool Blues

My garden is calling to me...
There's too much snow and soon there will be too much mud, but it's whispering -- in a few weeks it will be shouting.

Some homeschool moms get midwinter blues starting in February.  That's what Homeschool Connections Refresh Conference (online and FREE) is for.

Another idea is to take some school days and do some "fun school" things you wanted to do this year and didn't get to it:

  1. have an afternoon dance party
  2. go on a field trip
  3. have a history movie lesson
  4. have a formal tea with the kids and classical music
  5. have a picnic in the living room for lunch
  6. let the kids do school in a fort under the table
  7. plan a day trip for when school ends
  8. have a day at the beach school day -  turn up the heat, wear shorts & sunglasses & listen to beach boys music, make Hawaiian leis and have a luau for lunch (or whatever you associate with summer)
  9. bake a cake and have a pizza party when you hit 10 weeks left of school (or 50 days or something significant for your family)
  10. plan your end of school celebration

I personally don't get down, I just get antsy.  The disorder of my bookshelves, my dwindling marker supply, having to read 1-more-chapter...it cumulatively adds up to me wanting to:

  • make something beautiful - what color should I paint my kitchen?
  • make the world more beautiful - should I go with a color scheme for my front flowers this year?
  • put my bookshelves in order and not look at them for months on end
Since we're still doing school, I can't fulfill my antsy longings. So, I made a countdown calendar instead.  If you take a spring break, mark that on the calendar. Then, fill in how many school days you have starting with your end date and working your way backwards. I put the real calendar dates on the weekends, so you can keep track if you miss a few days of marking off.  THEN, scribble all over the dates as you complete them!  There's something cathartic about scribbling.

And here's mine filled out - we end May 1, 2015 this year.

I'm totally psyched about my countdown calendar.  I might frame mine.  I can hear the music of the garden...