Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lia’s Challenge: Pro-Life Film Contest-Susan B. Anthony List

Lia’s Challenge: Pro-Life Film Contest-Susan B. Anthony List

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Kids Video Contest

Here's a GREAT contest - Lia's Challenge Contest Rules and Information
Kids can make a pro-life video and win $1,000 for college. The child must be 18 or under and it be a 2-5 minute video. Rules are below. My kids are choosing what to post. Yours may be inspired after listening to Lia and learning about the contest.

Great Depression Cooking Ep:2 - Egg Drop Soup

The kids and I have been watching Clara's Depression Cooking Lessons on youtube and we LOVE HER!!!!

Her stories are so endearing. Here in 2009 she's now 93 and just adorable.

Dd#2 is considering making this recipe.

Monday, April 20, 2009

A "just because" present

My dear friend *Patrice* bought me a present. A just-because-I-love-you and I-knew-you'd-like-this present. A book. I book I already own. Normally, I wouldn't be so excited about getting a book I already own. She went to the Cinci Homeschool Conference and brought me a signed copy of Susan Wise Bauer's The Well Trained Mind 3rd Edition. It's not even available on Amazon, yet!

I would NEVER swing the bucks for a book I already own, but I'm SOOOO EXCITED to get the updated version!!

I was so excited that I kept walking around the house cleaning so I can get my work done and hurry up and read it.

I was so excited I kept telling each of my children, "I'm soooo excited!!" Dears that they are, Dd#2 got tired of hearing about my excitement and suggested I just blog about it and get the out the excitement out that was bubbling over. GREAT IDEA!!

I'm soo excited. Do you think the girls at book club will feel unloved if I stay home to read a non-book club book?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dave

Dave is...
...SMART! (That's what attracted him to me in the first place -- well, his dimple helped, too.)
...42 today! Happy Birthday, Dave!
...creative and notices creativity in other people.
...well-rounded. He plays piano, designs websites, designs landscapes beautifully, plays trumpet, plays practice-chanter (he started learning the bagpipes, but then he had 5 kids and that slowed him down, some.)
...funny -- he's either making me mad by joking about something, or making me laugh or some combination of the two. He's also the life of the party and our friends always ask for him to join us in a game (even though he doesn't enjoy playing games he makes sure everyone else enjoys themselves.)
...generous (sometimes to a fault and shows the children mercy when I'm waiting for justice.)
...intuitive (I'm not saying he understands girl-nature, but he tries)
...a very hard worker.
...reliable (not a romantic-sounding quality, but a wonderful one when a girl runs out of gas on a regular basis and needs to call someone to come rescue her.)

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Another kid falls to the adorable cuteness of pooh. We're batting 100 and 5 out of 5 kids at or before the age of 5 fall madly in love with Pooh! He could dance all day long to Pooh.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Sick Baby

Several of us have had a really bad cold for the last couple of weeks. About half of the kids haven't gotten it and both grown-ups have had relapses of it. The well kids wanted to make the baby feel better, so they put him in a rubbermaid tub with his bear and blanket and dragged him around the house. Those kids sure know how to make a fellow happy!