Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to Dave

Dave is...
...SMART! (That's what attracted him to me in the first place -- well, his dimple helped, too.)
...42 today! Happy Birthday, Dave!
...creative and notices creativity in other people.
...well-rounded. He plays piano, designs websites, designs landscapes beautifully, plays trumpet, plays practice-chanter (he started learning the bagpipes, but then he had 5 kids and that slowed him down, some.)
...funny -- he's either making me mad by joking about something, or making me laugh or some combination of the two. He's also the life of the party and our friends always ask for him to join us in a game (even though he doesn't enjoy playing games he makes sure everyone else enjoys themselves.)
...generous (sometimes to a fault and shows the children mercy when I'm waiting for justice.)
...intuitive (I'm not saying he understands girl-nature, but he tries)
...a very hard worker.
...reliable (not a romantic-sounding quality, but a wonderful one when a girl runs out of gas on a regular basis and needs to call someone to come rescue her.)

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