Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ear piercing angst

Em got her ears pierced for her 13th birthday. She's been begging for this for years. She's not supposed to change out of her studs for 6 weeks. At Christmas it will have been 4 1/2 weeks. She's, now, beggging to wear Christmas earings to her parties the 2 days of Christmas. Should I let her?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

Why are we taking Daddy to work?
Because his car had to go to the mechanic, a car doctor?
Ds#5, saddly
Does his car need stiches?

Capuchin Fever

Capuchin Fever :
  1. A condition where you are eager to spend as much time assisting the Franciscan Brothers in their vocation and ministry.
  2. A condition that forces you to spend much of your free time with the Franciscan Brothers.
You know you have Capuchin Fever when...
  • A brown malaise comes over you.
  • Your kids whine & weep when they can't go to morning Mass
  • You catch yourself making a meal and think 'how could I stretch this for 15 or 20 men?'
  • Brown is the new black.
  • Shivering, getting into your car you think about men with a thin wool cloak and thank God for your warmth.
  • The knees of your jeans start to wear through (AND YOU'RE AN ADULT!) it's from kneeling on wood floors
  • Every time you see the snow you think of men walking in open-toed sandals and socks.
  • Saturday night youth group is as much of a social time for you as a parent as it is for your kids.
  • You're struggling and striving and WORKING to develop more of a relationship with Mary before and after the consecration.
How do you know you have Capuchin Fever?

Monday, December 13, 2010

My favorite part of the morning

OK, after Mass with the Franciscan Brothers Minor, my favorite part of the morning in my favorite cup -

I love the color (beige -- it goes with any mood) and the texture (not at all rough, but not completely smooth) and the weight of this cup. I love the prayer ("Oro et laboro" = "Pray and work" by St. Benedict). That's to say nothing of the steaming, strengthening liquid inside! I LOOOOOVE coffee mugs!! I used to buy myself a new one every school year. It made me too sad when the kids broke them, so I quit buying cool mugs. This was a gift from my friend, Ursula!