Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Capuchin Fever

Capuchin Fever :
  1. A condition where you are eager to spend as much time assisting the Franciscan Brothers in their vocation and ministry.
  2. A condition that forces you to spend much of your free time with the Franciscan Brothers.
You know you have Capuchin Fever when...
  • A brown malaise comes over you.
  • Your kids whine & weep when they can't go to morning Mass
  • You catch yourself making a meal and think 'how could I stretch this for 15 or 20 men?'
  • Brown is the new black.
  • Shivering, getting into your car you think about men with a thin wool cloak and thank God for your warmth.
  • The knees of your jeans start to wear through (AND YOU'RE AN ADULT!) it's from kneeling on wood floors
  • Every time you see the snow you think of men walking in open-toed sandals and socks.
  • Saturday night youth group is as much of a social time for you as a parent as it is for your kids.
  • You're struggling and striving and WORKING to develop more of a relationship with Mary before and after the consecration.
How do you know you have Capuchin Fever?

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