Monday, September 24, 2007

Baby Check List

I'm seriously sick of putting negative posts on my blog, so this is my attempt at something positive.
This is for my purposes -- don't bother reading it, unless you're REALLY bored.

Done :

Clothes - Thanks to Heather & Jenny, I'm set for even "end of pregnancy" pregnancy clothes.

Baby Clothes - sorted by size, washed & put away (mostly). I have tons of sleepers - that'll get us through until I'm mobile enough to shop. My babies are always swaddled, anyway, so no one knows what they're really wearing, no matter how cute it is.

Receiving blankets - I always go through these, but I have enough to start. - I like the big ones (60"x40") because my babies grow out of the regular ones when they still want to be swaddled. We're big swaddlers around here. (Dave suggested I make some of my own -- does he think this is my 2nd baby or something?? There's no way I have time, or energy, for nicey, nicey projects like that!)

Burp pads - I have a confession to make. I don't know how to burp a baby. NONE of my babies would burp for me. I would beat their backs like I was beating a rug on a line and they'd just bounce with it -- but no burp. Subsequently, they spit up ALOT. I ALWAYS smell like milk (no matter how many times I change my clothes). I comfort myself in the fact that mother's milk doesn't stain as much. Therefore, I need TONS of these. I found 2. Cari & Patrice both offered to give me theirs (Thank you, ladies). Dave suggested I make some -- please see above entry.

Baby Towels, Washcloths, etc - Baby bathtub: check. I bought a couple of towels & several washcloths & found a few from previous babies. Another admission : I found the baby towels in our linen closet. That means that I haven't gone through that closet completely since Ds#4 quit using a baby bathtub (like when he was 4 months old!! He's 5, now.) I still need to get some bath supplies (baby scissors, nail clippers, aspirator, baby wash, brush, etc).

Bumper Pads, Sheets, Waterproof pads - I found them & they all washed up better than I'd hoped for. The room is a cloud theme & the crib bumper pads are light blue with sheep on them. When we move the baby from the cradle to a crib, I'll need to get sheets & waterproof pads for that -- but that isn't usually for 4 months or so.

Baby Mobile - I was thinking musical in baby blue & white; clouds, airplanes, sheep (the crib bumper pads I have), do you think they have masculine looking angels in a mobile and baby blues? [Isn't this topic so much more pleasant than all my pregnancy woes? ] I'm thinking I'll have to wait until I can shop to find this -- nothing quite did the trick online. (Do you know that Target.com has bunches of specific team mascots for baby mobiles?? I must not be in the loop...it just doesn't appeal to me at all.) I had to make a mobile for Dd#1 (I bought & revamped a teddy bear one by making clothes for the bears in the colors I wanted) -- I will have 5 kids by then, though.... but this idea looks seriously interesting... and with satin ribbon & an embroidery hoop, this could be kewl, too!

Baby Monitor - Thanks, Patrice!

Bouncey Seat - Thanks, Amy!

Car Seat - Thanks, Kerri!

Diaper Bag - While I was writing this, I was looking around online for a link to remind myself what I wanted, I found it. So I asked Amy to stop by Target (her favorite store) and pick it up for me. So I can put this in the done category! I liked this one, too, but it's a little smaller and better for when he's not an infant. I know where to find it, now!

Nursing Clothes, sleeper - I haven't managed to find much of this. I did buy a nursing bra (shhh, don't tell anyone I'm blogging about undergarments -- Dave would be sooo embarrassed). I really intensely dislike nursing bras. Undoing those snaps while a kid is screaming is NOT inconspicuous nursing. Alternatively, trying to re-hook yourself while not letting the baby roll off your lap when it really does take 2 hands and the baby is ready to spit up because he nursed too long (see the burp pads confession above) is NOT inconspicuous nursing. Amy recommended Glamour Mom's tank, but the snaps scare me off. I like (what I really like is not nursing in public, but that's not really an option if I'm going to have a clue what my other kids are doing in the doctor's office or anywhere else. I also REFUSE to be relegated to the bathroom stall)... I like bras with lots of elastic so I can just yank & go.
Anyway...I don't like nursing nightgowns with the slits from the neckline down on either side -- I end up hanging out at night. We've already discussed snaps & hooks. I've been wondering if these pajamas would do the trick. There's not much else out there....thus, why I haven't gotten anything. Dave says I'm picky. I just counter that HE should have to nurse the baby exclusively for 4-6 months and see if he's less opinionated by the end of that.

6 foot gate - this is wishful thinking and nothing I'll need until the kid can move, around 8 months my babies scootch & 10 months for crawling -- so I'll have time in the spring to garage sale for this. Gates keep my babies alive and I know it. Dave HATES gates - they interfere with his late-night-I-don't-want-to-turn-on-the-light-scrounging-for-snacks. He's inevitably limping the next morning (a tell-tale sign).

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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who needs another size of maternity clothes for the 'end.' :)