Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learning Styles Assessment Tool

Umnnn... I'm completely blown away.
I've known about this test for several years, but thought..."I know how my kids learn. Why would I pay $20 to learn what I already know?"

Umnnn... I was wrong.

I'd been having problems dealing with one of the kids and my sleep deprivation was making things that were always a struggle more like an open seeping wound. Both child & I were raw. I saw a message online where someone was praising the test and said they wouldn't be having the problems with a child they were having now, if they'd followed the recommendations on the test several years earlier. That's one of my greatest fears : that I'll damage the relationship with one of my children by not fixing things when they need fixed (either in me or the child).

So we took the test. The results to the test came back immediately. I was blown away. I called a friend because I was so overwhelmed by what I learned THAT I'D NEVER KNOWN about MY OWN CHILD! I've always seen certain traits, but I'd attributed them to immaturity or self-centeredness. The test revealed to me that it was almost the opposite in that child. I didn't just have the wind knocked out of me -- I was bruised and scraped from the fall.

Since we got the results, I've just been praying over them to be able to discern the truth in them for our family. I've already made changes and our lives have changed!

I cannot recommend this test highly enough. I haven't done the assessment on the other children -- the test recommends waiting. I've got enough to assimilate, I can wait.

The test is from a Catholic Homeschool Provider, Mercy Academy. The test isn't, however, exclusively for Catholics. My friend (who I called) took it with her children and she isn't Catholic. (She had to call me when she got the results...she was blow away with the things she knew and the things she learned, too. She said it was like someone had been peeking in their windows and directly observed her kids. She's telling everyone about it, too.)

Mercy Academy is also the place that gives out the free Teaching Style Test. I have both links at the right side bar of this blog.


  1. I'm glad to hear you liked it. We first took this test about four or five years ago (with our oldest three) and I always find it helpful to take the results out and read them again. Amazing!

  2. i didn't know something like this was available! i'm going to check it out - thanks!