Friday, January 11, 2008

Back to school

This week we've gotten 4 days of schooling in. We would have gotten 5, but in addition to Ds#4's fever and Dd#2's severe cold and the baby being too clogged up to nurse well and Mama being sick and tired...Dave was home sick one day this week and we DO NOT get school accomplished when Dave's home -- we don't even try.
My standards for what I'm pleased about accomplishing have been seriously pruned back. We're doing just the basics : Writing, Grammar, Math, Religion & some history. I haven't figured out how to fit in Science, Art or any substantial projects. I'm pleased that we're really accomplishing the basics. This is just a boring year. Having a baby really changes the dynamics of our days and "Shhhhh...the baby just went to sleep" is spoken VERY often! This picture doesn't exactly reflect the sleep-deprived, pajama-wearing, spit-up-smelling, frazzled mama that I am during school days...but it shows you that even during New Year's celebrations I can't manage to keep my hair brushed!

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