Monday, January 21, 2008

Baptism Celebration

We had the baby baptised this weekend. It was exhausting to prepare for, but I'm pleased that we made the effort - everything was lovely! The readings this week and Fr. Tom's homily all seemed designed for our baby's baptism. God is sooo good!! It was just heavenly seeing all the faces of so many people who love us standing around the Baptismal Font. We made up Mass programs for those that may not be as familiar with the Mass - joining in prayer together. Friends and family came and we all feasted down in the church basement on a particularly cold January morning. We decorated for Scotland with red plaid (it's not our tartan, but just a red plaid that looked like the 'scotch tape' plaid - it was cheap and we made table runners out of it). We even found a fleece blanket to wrap the baby in and red plaid plates to accessorize the buffet table with. The other cake had a celtic cross and celtic lettering "God's grace upon" our baby. In the picture below, we added a crystal bowl of water to signify the waters of baptism. The table was below the crucifix behind the buffet tables. We laid out books about Scotland on each table (in case conversation was lagging), had bookmarks for friends & family to take home, scottish coloring pages & a bean-bag version of the Highland Games. Dave thought the truckload of decoarations we brought from home wasn't needed, but he was glad we weren't having it at our house. It's hard to "dress up" a basement, but we tried and were very happy with everything. Just as the angels in heaven were celebrating, so were we! What a WONDERFUL day!

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