Friday, September 07, 2007


Last week I took the kids to SuperShot. I was behind on the boys' immunization schedule due to a dilemma. A few years ago, I found out that some of the immunizations came from aborted fetal cells. They grew the viruses in aborted fetal cell tissue. The idea of injecting that into my living children's bloodstream sickened me. They didn't have to use aborted bodies. Many immunizations are grown in chicken or something like that. There are variations throughout the world that have the same immunizations but were grown in something less controversial. Maybe they wanted to push the envelope of science. Maybe they wanted to validate a reason for abortions. You can read the story here (I liked the "Prove It" article on the left sidebar) and on that same website is a link of immunizations that are ethical and those that aren't. I printed off the table of ethical vaccines and made the trip to the local clinic.

The 2 nurses at the desk said that "No" the immunizations weren't derived from aborted fetus. I hurt standing there (I'm a little -er lot pregnant) and I didn't want to argue. This was specifically why I was behind in the boys' immunizations - the idea of arguing with someone I respected who was there to help the community makes my stomach turn. So we disagreed politely a few times back and forth and I kindly, but firmly insisted that I didn't want the immunizations listed on my sheet that were considered unethical. She said she'd contact the head nurse who could explain it to me better (because obviously, I was wrong and wasn't understanding her -it couldn't be that I understood perfectly and disagreed with her). She contritely came back saying I was right and I just needed to sign the form saying I was refusing those particular shots.

The next day I called the pediatrician. The ethical version of most of those vaccines are the ones that are separate, not combination vaccines in the same shot. The pediatrician had them on hand (or I would have had to contact and order them from http://www.cogforlife.org/ and have them shipped to my doctor). Apparently, I'm not the only parent in town with this dilemma. So, 2 days after the first set of shots, and a painful 250 dollars later, the boys were finished up with all the shots I would allow them to have.

It was an emotional hassle dealing with people who think I'm crazy to have this as a priority in my life. It was a physical hassle taking the kids 2 different places to get shots and calling the pediatrician. It was physically painful (for both the boys and myself) to get this done. It was a financial strain to spend that money on shots we could have gotten for free if I would have just lowered my standards.

I'm so glad it's done and that I went through all the hassle I did. Two nurses are more informed than they had been. My doctor has a continued reason to stock the ethical version of the vaccines. (I don't really see a positive side to the $250...) My children are immunized to the best of my ability and I'm secure in the knowledge that I'm protecting them while not participating in any way, shape, or form in the culture of death.

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