Monday, September 03, 2007

Heaven Sent

Over the weekend, a wonderful servant of Christ offered to do my shopping for me. I usually buy for the month, so it's a huge job. When I said 'no', this servant of Christ threatened to come beat me up if I didn't allow her to help me. ...ok

After working 9 hours as a nurse, she came and picked up my list. Then at 10:30pm, after 5 hours of shopping, she came back with $530 worth of groceries for our family. She helped cut up the meats and get the perishables taken care of and the kids just had to help put away the pantry items. Then she left so she could go to work in the morning!

It was SUCH a HUGE job and I appreciate all her efforts! It feels so good to have that DONE!

THANK YOU, Jesus, for willing servants -- please bless them.

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