Saturday, March 01, 2008

Seeds & Fertilizer

I took Dd#2 to get her hair cut this morning while I got mine cut. We stopped and got a hot chocolate, coffee, and split a sweet roll. I thought this would be a lovely mother-daughter time for us. Dd#2 didn't like the hair cut she got and had to clean her room when we got home (which happens every Saturday) and she threw a royal temper tantrum. She was screaming about how mad she was at me : mad that I let her get her hair cut, mad that she hadn't gotten to see her neighbor friend for the 2 weeks she's been sick, mad that her room was so messy. I laughed at her because I didn't think any of that was really my fault and I thought she was being silly to cry and scream about any one of those silly things. Then she was really mad at me for laughing.

Later, as I was talking to my good friend, Julie, and telling her how much I'd wanted to have a sweet morning with my sweet (or not so sweet at the moment) little girl, she told me that the memories I want to give Dd#2 really are planting seeds of sweet memories. Someday, she'll cherish these moments and feel loved. The rest of her behavior is just fertilizer for the seeds. I sure hope so -- it smelled like fertilizer to the sweet morning I had planned.

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