Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First Food - Icecream

Dave just couldn't help himself. Each of the other children's first food was always icecream. It's a family tradition. I've been mulling over starting the baby on solids. The recommendation now is not until 6mo. old, but when Dd#1 was a baby, they said 4mo. Dd#1 wasn't interested until she was 10mo. old and Ds#4 would have been thrilled at 4 mo. So, it really depends on the baby. I was not going to give this baby icecream, however. This is the kid that has kept me from milk for the last 6 weeks! He even broke out when I tried to sneak and drink reconstituted powdered milk! But...Dave is his dad, so he gets to do things I'd rather he not. The baby survived (and of course LOVED chocolate icecream -- at least it was Breyers!)

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  1. Oh my goodness, and is that a huge grin on his face? It sure looks like it! He is JUST ADORABLE!!! So glad you're enjoying your time with this one. It goes so quickly, doesn't it?

    (sorry if this was a duplicate comment from me, but you can delete the other one if so. Blogger is giving me fits tonight)