Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Classical Homeschooling

I have a friend (Hi, Kerri!) who asks me at least once a year to explain what my understanding of the "Classical" method of homeschooling is. I've written posts about it and we've talked on the phone.

This "Lost Tools" Chart from Logos school (click on "PDF Sample") gives one of the best synopsis I've seen for the stages of children and what this means for teaching them.

Another corollary to the Classical Method is the thread that weaves through the subjects in your school to tie everything together. Some classical schools are Latin based. Some schools are literature or science based.

Our school is history focused, so when we study the ancients in history, we study biology for the year (because that's what they would have studiied). So our science is driven by our history study. We also do much of our writing, vocabulary, dictionary skills, literature & religion studies to go alongside what we're studiing in history. Our math & grammar are about the only subjects we study independent of history. This can be done with whatever thread is important to your school.

Any questions???

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