Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Basket

The kids' Easter basket this year. We have one family basket. I made the switch from individual baskets when I hit 4 kids. It's been a great switch. I made the boys sweater vests this year. It was my first attempt at crocheting vests. Ds#1 turned out ADORABLE. Ds#2 turned out passable. Ds#3 is NOT GOOD, but he REALLY WANTS to wear it to our Easter activities. I feel guilty letting him look like such a goober, but guiltier about saying the gift of love he wants doesn't stand up to appearances.

Dd#2 got a cross bracelet and a blank journal book. Aldi's, All Saints book store and Dover's clearance section is where I shopped for easter gifts this year.

Ds#3 got a bookmark and a Sacred Heart key chain along with a Dover animal stained glass coloring booklet

Dd#1 got a bracelet with Mary pictures on it and an historical paper doll book.

Ds#4 got a plastic holy water font and teddy grams.

Every child got a box of sweetend cereal and several kinds of candy to share. They each also got their own chocolate bunny. The girls were happy to let me do Holy Week crocheting for the boys this year. As an added bonus, they cleaned their room Holy Saturday and found several shawls from previous years stuffed in their closet.

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