Saturday, August 01, 2009

Free Vocabulary Ideas

Password Game - it sounds like a silly solution, but you can make up your own cards using words they've been studiing. Here are the rules to print off. My kids like a game better when the've seen it's fun. Here's a video clip of Lucille Ball in 1964 playing with her school-age kids. I like the idea of starting with familiar, easier words for the kids to learn to like the game and moving to more difficult vocabulary.

Vocabulary Awareness

  • Choose 5 words and define them
  • post them on the fridge
  • award points every time they are used in conversation
  • or detected in print or radio
  • put the words in a notebook with a small drawing about the word

School Exercizes

  • Write 1-3 paragraphs using where one word is emphasized. This gets interesting and funny.
  • Write either a few sentences or a paragraph with one of the words in mind but don't use the word. Put the word in parantheses at the end.

Susan Wise Bauer suggests

  • Writing the words on index cards
  • Monday- read the words, put them on flash cards with meanings on opposite side.
  • Tue-Thu- drill with the flash cards.
  • Fri- review flash cards and complete exercises.
  • She uses Vocabulary from Classical Roots, but you could use any program with this schedule and even choose your own words from reading the child is doing.

Vocabulary Word Lists (free online) - you could orally quiz a child until they miss 5 and use those for the week's vocabulary words with activities from above

Software review of Vocabulary products for the computer

Highly recommended vocabulary curriculum (not free). I haven't used these, but have them in my research notes to consider:

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