Thursday, August 06, 2009

Classical Education - good article

Overall this was a good article. I was amused at this part -

Martha Robinson: Doug, Is it possible for a student who has been "traditionally" educated to transition to Classical? When is too late?

Doug Wilson: After the concrete is dry, it is harder to do. But we have often said that we are trying to provide the kind of education which none have got. We were not able to do it adequately. But as G.K. Chesterton said, anything worth doing is worth doing badly.

Martha Robinson: Doug, can you offer encouragement to parents who would like to do Classical but did not begin at the beginning?

Doug Wilson: My encouragement would be this. God has a general pattern of picking us up where we are, and not where we should have been. If He only helped us if we were where we should have been, we would all be in a world of hurt. Starting now is better than not starting at all.

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