Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Natue Journal

MODG recommends Keeping a Nature Journal. I know it's very un-homeschooling of me, but I've never managed to get my kids interested in doing this. I've given it a feeble try several times with no results. This is our "do things different" year as far as curriculum and we're focusing on art. I also wanted to get the kids excited about nature journaling. Not that I'm excited. It's actually allergy season for our family so I want to stay indoors as much as possible. But is such a home school stand-by that I wanted to give it a real chance to work.

So, I got the book from the library (there are several by this author) and bought some blank cheap books for the kids and flipped past all the gooey stuff (we love nature because...) and gave them the first assignment. Then the second. In an hour they'd done 2 pages of their 20 page books and they looked GREAT!

I was seriously impressed how well it worked. I just needed the drive (and the focus of a good book) to make it happen.

I'm definately going to do this often for the 3 weeks we have the book from the library.

I may even renew the book if we continue to need it. I was really only interested in the inspiration and it looks like the kids caught that!

My backyard looked like when we first started homeschooling and the kids did school outside all the time. It felt just lovely for an hour.

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