Monday, August 03, 2009

Spelling Power

I have a girl who WON'T learn spelling. I have had several discussions with her father about whether the ability to spell is a character flaw or not (I think not). It is important, but not the most important thing in my mind (mostly because I can't splel to save my life).

None-the-less, we need to work on spelling especially with this girl. So I researched EXPENSIVE/INTENSIVE spelling programs. Once I'd decided on Spelling Power, her dad told me it didn't make sense to spend all that money when we have a perfectly good spelling program and learning to type would most likely fix the problem. Well, okay. We didn't quite agree on that one.

THEN, I rediscovered Paula's Archives. She has a fantastic Spelling Power how-to along with a study sheet that we can use with our present spelling program which is Natual Speller - I LOVE the price and the word lists by phonetic sound. Now both parents are happy. Results are yet to be seen, but that Modified Study Sheet is definately going in my planner.

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