Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer fun - finally!

We have one week to pack all our summer fun into. We did school about half-time this summer. I usually like to start school around August 1st. The library is painted (my one project that needed done this summer) -- my husband is WONDERFUL! And we're done with Wildcats. So, we're taking the week off of serious cleaning (just keeping up on normal chores) and that's it. The rest is for whatever we'd like to do. Sunday we had fun with friends in their backyard (kickball that day). Monday we went our cousins' house and it was one of the first swim times all summer. The kids had an absolute BLAST! Unfortunately, I let them get burned to a crisp -- spray sunscreen doesn't seem to work for us. I sprayed the baby twice and thought the kids would be fine -- afterall, they've baked in the sun on the ball field all summer...but I neglected to recognize that they had their shirts on, then. Let alone the water intesifying the sun. I sprayed them once they looked a little red -- too late. They came home like lobsters. Crying kids at night and clothes changing times...poor children. God should have given them a more responsible mom.

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