Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Trying something new - 2009/2010 plans

As I'm planning for next year, I'm considering my options. Although I've always been a Classical homeschooler, I'm sort of taking a break from the classical model and hoping to have a really fun year, while keeping up the academic rigor. (The plan is for Classical highschool for Dd#1, so I'd like to do something different before we dive into that in the coming years.) It's an exploration to see if the model that fits us better is more/less fun than another OR if my expectations that school will always be a joy is not in sync with reality.

We WON'T be studying chronological history. Let me repeat. I'm throwing history out the window for the year. Shocking, isn't it? Instead, we'll be reading literature for fun (and studying audience, author, events from that time period, literary terms & usage, etc. a la TWTM method) My younger kids haven't read Charlotte's Web since we've been so immersed in history and I plan to cover this and other important literary works next year.

We WON'T be studying a year of one branch of science. Instead I'll let the kids choose 9-10 topics that we'll play with by reading library books and finding experiments on and trying to figure out which branch of science that topic would belong in.

Math (MUS), English (LOG for youngers & Seton for olders), Latin (LCII and Henle) will all be pretty standard stuff.

I may take a short break from Dd#1's Traditional Logic (Memoria Press) to do logic puzzles and games with the entire family.

We have 2 sacraments (Dd#1 Confirmation, Ds#4 First Communion) this year and we'll be studying those intensively, but I'm hoping to do religion class together as a family with additional reading on the part of the bigger kids.

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