Sunday, July 26, 2009

Confirmation Plans

We are well versed on how to prepare for First Communion and First Reconciliation, but now we're venturing into new territory. Dd#1 will be confirmed at the end of this school-year.
Due to my upraising (or lack there of in certain areas) I didn't get confirmed until I was 22 or so. As an adult I chose to make the Catholic Church my permenant home and a nun-friend (who was involved in Campus Ministries) gave me individual classes. I read through the CCC and we discussed the parts I didn't agree with or had problems with. She had a great sense of humor (needed to try and teach a disagreeable person like me) and gave me a wonderful blessing as my confirmation sponsor.

My plans for Dd#1 are not so simple, but hopefully will give her at least as good of a send off into the adult phase of her faith. I'll most likely have her keep a notebook on it. She'll be in CCD, but I haven't been super impressed with how much she's learned when she's gone (we put the kids in during sacrament years - Dave's preference). I got plans from this person and Elizabeth Foss' plans. It sounds like a lot of books, but we already own the items in black and I don't really expect to get through it all. Also, we're really focusing on religion this year and letting science & writing be a side-note rather than a real subject. I'm also just looking for a nice rounded smattering of the following:
Church History
  • We own many of the vision books
  • We're also purchasing several saint movies from Ignatius Press
  • 30 hours of some kind of service outside of our home (this works out to around 1/wk during school)
  • helping clean the church
  • helping clean a house for someone who just had a baby
  • visiting a nursing home, etc.
  • Holy Hours of Eucharistic Adoration
  • "Extra" Mass weekly
  • Solo prayer each evening
  • Stations of the Cross Fridays of Lent (we attempt this every year and fail -- maybe if it's an assignment we'll accomplish it.)
  • Consecration to the Holy Spirit
  • Continue to pray in front of the abortion clinic at least once a month


  1. Dominum et Vivificantem - JPII's encyclical on the Holy Spirit. The first part is slow going but as you move on it bears a lot of fruit. We had to come up witha parish program for Confirmation and theis document was so helpful.

  2. Oh, Jenni -- THANK YOU so much for the suggestion!! That sounds GREAT!!
    We need one more encyclical and I think we'll be set for the year!