Monday, July 27, 2009

Confirmation Notebook

I took ALOT of ideas from this person - THANK YOU! The notebook will be the paper record that we followed through with the confirmation plans.

  • Baptism Pics of Dd#1's Baptism
  • Essay including sources of Baptism (CCC & New Advent) and abreviated explanations
  • Meaning of Baptism & symbolism from other sources (Scott Hahn's Salvation History)
  • All 3 of the above for the sacrament of Confirmation
  • write and illustrate biography of Maria Goretti, her Confirmation Saint (We've got the movie and we'll work through the study guide)
  • Saint books she's read will need a book report of some kind and I may have her write her own prayer to each saint she studies
  • copywork through the year of quotes & include favorite Saint prayers and novenas
  • Creed - Each phrase will have some life application and explanation with it
  • Ten Commandments - I think I'll have her do creative writing and do a short story of someone who has broken that particular commandment and let her decide how to end each story (repentance & grace or pride & consequences)
  • Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit - each item will have a common fruit (banana) or a wrapped present in a particular shape to write the fruit, it's definition, explanation and application and the day we talk about it we may make a recipe (banana bread).
  • Spiritual & Corporal Works of Mercy - the faith folder from Catholic Lapbooks is available, but I'll most likely give her a coloring page (she still LOVES to color) and let her write about that work on the back.
  • A mini book - a Confirmation Prayer Book - of common Mass and Catholic prayers - she'll most likely do it in calligraphy.
  • She'll do book reports of some fashion (her choice of a list I have) of all the books she is reading
  • Salvation History/History of the Church - I may have her review these (we've done alot of them) and do a timeline and outline of them
Vocation - she'll need to work through the topics in the books we've chosen (Life's Work)
Service Project - just an explanation of what she's done
Confirmand - this will be done after the Confirmation - photos and narrations, a scrapbook of the day
Lest, anyone accuse me of being so organized or smart or be impressed by this list -- please remember I STOLE most of these plans and I've been working on them for 2 years -- quite a bit of time to make a decision or two.


  1. what impresses me isn't just how organized your lessons etc are. I won't even try and match you there....it's that you actually get pretty close to reaching your plans...I'm still about 1000 years behind where I'd hoped to be in history from last year...

  2. I was 1000 years after my last baby, too -- so I'm a slave driver and against many people's advice, we did school through the summer. Do you want your kids thinking you're a "slave-driver?"
    Also, these plans are for a very book-loving girl. They will have to be seriously modified for the next couple of kids coming through our school.