Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 Summer School & Chore Plan

The kids will be learning tennis through Lifetime Sports Academy this summer for FREE!

Summer school will be June & July
In addition to summer school, the each of the kids have a few subjects they need to finish up from the school year. Anyone not on grade level, will have to continue that subject through the summer as well.

  • Ds#4 puzzle books & math drills
  • Ds#3 reading, spelling & math drills
  • Dd#2 grammar book & math book
  • Dd#1 spelling & math book
We'll also do our annual chore training for May. Summer will continue training in their new chore so they'll be prepared to fly alone by the time school begins in the fall.

  • Ds#4(8yrs old) off trash/half bath/kitchen floor - onto emptying the dishwasher
  • Ds#3(10) off laundry - onto keeping the kitchen clean
  • Dd#2(12) off kitchen cleaning - onto cooking dinner all year
  • Dd#1(14) off budgeting, choosing meals, shopping for & cooking all meals - onto....ummmnnnn....uhhhh.....
This is a tough call. My master plan was that they'd know how to do each chore for the family by the time they were 13. She's succeeded.

I don't know how difficult high school will be for her and don't want to rely on her around the house if she'll need the time to study. I don't want her siblings being slaves to her while she lounges around, either. I was hoping to help them learn to juggle multiple responsibilities in their teens, but that's not really a chore. I guess I'll give her Ds#4's responsibilities and expect a MUCH higher quality of work than a 7yr old. Trash/bathrooms & kitchen floor are things EVERYONE but the 2yr old knows how to do, so if she needs let up on some work anyone can jump in AND she should be able to do them easily and quickly. I'm sure I'll continue to ask her to do jobs as she sees they need done and she's getting pretty good at that. I don't think the other kids will understand, though....

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