Monday, May 10, 2010


I've spoken those words so many times, it hurts me to hear them. I've tried shelves & shoe boxes...I figured it was a cross to bear with multiple children.

Then, Dave bought me THIS!

With 5 kids and 1 mom who want to keep shoes downstairs, we divided the cubbies into sections and each person has their own row (I share a row with Ds#5 -- he has little shoes that can fit his and mine in a cubbie.) It has 25 cubbies --- 4 pair of shoes and mittens/hat can fit in a row per kid.

It's supposed to have a drawer (sold separately) on the bottom, but that's where we'll keep boots. It bought it on sale and it was still exorbitant, but worth it every time I don't have to say "Pick up your shoes!"

Maybe this find shouldn't thrill me so much -- but it's a GODSEND!

The rules of the shoe cubbie are thus:

No shoes are to be left out (or you loose the privilege of keeping your shoes downstairs for a week and you have to traipse upstairs each time you want to put shoes on or take them off.)

Shoes can only go in your cubbie. If you put your shoes in someone elses cubbie -- loss of cubbie privileges.

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  1. This summer we are hoping to redo the entrance area we use most which is a huge MESS with the shoes! I want something like this too, and I LOVE your rules! Thanks for the rule ideas, especially the first one.