Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review : Great Adventure Kids - Bible study packets for elementary kids

WOW!! I'm so impressed with Great Adventure Kids. This will be our 2nd time through Great Adventure (we did it 4 years ago with our Jr. High girl before T3 or Epic came out) and I was concerned that the adult version would be too boring for my 2nd Jr. High girl. I ordered Great Adventure Kids for the younger boys from All Saints bookstore and it's WONDERFUL! I needed to get an extra coloring book.

The timeline chart is the HEART of the program. I understand the kids chart so much better than I did the adult chart (maybe I'm just better with the pictures). I also love that it gives the important stories. I get so overwhelmed trying to read the kids every story in the Golden Children's Bible. We get behind and I don't know what to do. I can be sure and hit the 4 major stories per time period and any other stories I fit in are just gravy!

We do school 4 days a week and this is my plan:

2 days a week we'll do bible stories. On Tues & Thursdays for the elementary kids we'll :

  • start with the prayer on the back of the chart for that period using the prayer beads.
  • read over the whole chart up to the period we're in
  • review 1 memory verse for the week
  • read the bible story and color the picture
  • ask the kids if they can recite the memory verse and tell me items on the chart
  • have the kids do a narration
  • for Wednesday, they can play the card game and do an activity from Old Testament Days

Fridays we'll cover some catechism, big-picture sorts of discussions.

I'll want to do something to cover the 6 covenants -- maybe we'll bake/decorate cookies for each covenant or make a shrinky dink mobile ... I got GREAT ideas from a blog about crafting with the Covenants ... I'm getting so excited about next year!

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