Monday, November 24, 2008

What are you doing for Advent?

I don't know if you've seen this woman's project "Artfully Advent".
  • It is what we plan to use this year.
In addition :
  • the Jesse Tree
  • decking things in purple cloth (our mantle, a few end tables).
  • We do the straw in baby Jesus' manger with each act of love
  • the kids are leaving their regular Latin behind to memorize the verses of Veni, Veni Emmanuel & Adestes Fidelis using Lingua Angelica
  • and use our Celtic Advent Wreath (see picture)
  • We also have purple plates & bowls for the season.
  • PLEASE NOTE : We have devloped these traditions over the last 7 years and did NOT try to start them all the same year. You'll frustrate yourself if you try and do too much. We all know that while your children and family are having an introspective Advent, you're ALSO preparing Christmas presents, shopping and going to parties of people who aren't celebrating Advent, but instead are celebrating Christmas. It's a delicate balance that can turn your life into a nightmare if you try and incorporate too many ideas. Choose one idea per year to incorporate into your traditions.

For this week, she has an EASY Thanksgiving project http://yesyoucanpublications.com/blog/?p=37 but check out her "Artfully Advent" booklet, too!

I end up doing as much as I can to celebrate Advent because it helps me resist the urge to decorate for Christmas and just go along with the our culture's insistance on starting Christmas in October so that by the time the Holy Day comes, we're all sick of it. I'm so happy with the wisdom of the Church to celebrate Advent as a quiet preparation (like the last months of expecting a baby when you physically can't do as much but are introspective) rather than a frenzied party.


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