Thursday, November 06, 2008

How are you doing after the election?

I am disappointed...and sad. I've decided, however, to be joyful. It's a choice. These are snippets of thoughts I've read, heard or been given that allow me to sing a new song.

I will celebrate my Risen Lord in the face of evil and sin.

We are not made for the sin and death of this world, but for eternal life in the next -- it's right that we're at odds with the evil of this world.

We understand more fully how the oppressed people of Israel felt as they cried out to God for Messiah in the face of a pagan culture so abrasive to their own -- we must be patient and hopeful as we pour ourselves out to God in the face of this culture of death.

WHILE HE WAS BEING STONED, St. Stephen cried out to God in hope and joy and asked for forgiveness for the people murdering him. We are to forgive and fight with all our might with spiritual weapons, while serving God with our whole body, mind and soul.

We participate fully in Christ's crucifixion and death and the darkness of the tomb, however..."We are an Easter people, and alleluia is our song." - St. Augustine of Hippo


  1. Hello! I am tagging you with "I love your blog" award. Directions are on my blog.

  2. lovely - thanks, Jenn. it's been a hard two days, but reading things like this helps me remember that Christ has already won.