Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sick at heart

I have been sick to my stomach for weeks, now. The idea that Obama could win makes me ill. The idea that people I know (several people I know have specifically told me) will be voting for him on Tuesday. To willingly choose to usher in someone who has promised to wipe away all the parental notification laws (a teen needs parental permission for the school to give asprin, but doesn't need to notify about an invasive proceedure to kill their grandchild), all the waiting periods (waiting periods on guns which is potentially life threatening, where abortion is completely life ending) and everything else pro-life Democrats and Republicans and Independants have voted for in their individual states -- all would be wiped away in his signing the Freedom of Choice Act - a bill he's promised to sign as his first act as president.

My friends and family have given various reasons for voting for Obama : socialized medicine, being against the war, he's soft-spoken so he must virtuous.... none of it stands up to over 1 million babies' lives per year.

The next president will name 2-3 Supreme Court Justices! That means their choices will have huge influence over our nation for 25-35 years! And not just our nation, but all over the world MY TAX DOLLARS would support abortions! By paying my taxes, doesn't that make me complicit in evil?

I am in fear of him - and the knowledge that people I dearly love would help him...makes me feel so sick...all I can do is pray and continue to pray. I am praying. I received an email requesting "pray the Divine Mercy chaplet three times and to insert 'our country' in the chaplet prayer said on each of the small beads: 'For the sake of His sorrowful Passion, have mercy on our country, and on the whole world".

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