Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Last Vestigages of Summer

Since it's OCTOBER and we had a weekend with 82 degree temperatures, we decided to take advantage of it. On Saturday we skipped the traditional house cleaning day (even though it desperately needed it) and Dave ahd everyone pulling out plants to prepare the garden and all the flower beds for winter. By the time football came on in the afternoon we were all exhausted!

Then on Sunday, we had the day to fill because Dd#1 sang at an evening Mass, so we packed a lunch and headed to a state park. The place was almost deserted -- it was like owning your own resort (for $5 per carload).
It was so surreal to climb over the hats and gloves we'd gotten out last week when we did the "summer/winter switch" to grab swim suits and floaties!! It was like a mini-vacation.

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