Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just having "one of THOSE days"

All things being relative, today wasn't terrible. No one ended up in the hospital...nothing earth shattering happened. Just normal bad day stuff.

  • The baby was up 4 times between 1am - 7am. (which meant I was, too)
  • Dd#1 fell behind in school and continued to waste time. (not awful, just discouraging for me)
  • I'm fasting from sweets during the 40days for life (and it's REALLY TOUGH!!) [and i'm feeling guilty that it's this hard]
  • The baby was fussy and only wanted me (he was probably as tired as I was).
  • It was my turn to teach science in the co-op (I do NOT like science).
  • The baby cried when I tried to leave him with another mom at co-op so I could teach, so I had to try and teach while holding him (just a hassle).

and the icing on the cake was...

When the baby cried so much for the other mom as I took him in my arms he threw up all over he and I just as I was supposed to teach the co-op. I washed him up in the bathroom and took off his outfit. When I looked in my purse for another outfit for him, I realized I brought clothes to put in the diaper bag that morning in preparation for co-op...but they were still on the stairs, so he didn't have a change of clothes. I was soaked, too, so I had to take off my t-shirt and wear nothing but my button-up sweater to teach in.

It's only 4pm and I can hardly wait until I can go to bed so that tomorrow can be better. Just one of those days....

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  1. Thank goodness for new tomorrows! I hope your Thursday is oh-so-much better!