Friday, August 01, 2008

That was one busy, crazy week

This past week was a whirlwind of computer work and house cleaning trying to get everything done to start school next week.

I'm glad it's over and boy did the kids earn alot of allowance (not always because they CHOSE to do all that stuff).

Monday we had our priests over for dinner (serious cleaning for that).
To make it fair for the kids, the fellows played tetherball on their knees.
Then Fr. Tom showed us his efforts to rise to spirtual heights by climbing the tree with the kids. We had chinese stir-fry -- everyone had a great time! We love those guys! They feed us spiritually whether they have other stuff going on or not, so who am I to say I'm too busy to have them over for a meal?

I feverishly worked on websites and message boards for our homeschool support group and co-op. That meant the kids had to be on baby duty ALOT! The baby climbed the stairs on Tuesday (he wasn't supposed to) and played with his fooler in the toilet on Friday (that wasn't exactly approved, either).

The kids wanted to spend the night with friends Friday night, so they had to get their Friday and Saturday chores done by Thursday -- then I worked them hard Friday before they left.

We got more done than we should have been able to accomplish, but apparently God wanted us to get things ready for school next week.

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