Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daviid and his protégé

Daviid (pronounced duh*VEED) is the pretentous guy who cuts all my kids' hair. David is the guy I married. Daviid appears each time he and a kid walk into my bathroom (usually after bathtime) to get a trim. Daviid does a wonderful job, even if his humor is a little irreverent. To see Daviid's work, just look a the picture under 8/15/08. Daviid just cut all the children's hair last week or so and did a marvelous job.

Daviid has an admirer who isn't nearly as skilled. Ds#4 had syrup stuck in his hair and decided to "even it out" by cutting out the syrup -- water hadn't occured to him. Ds#4 was sure that "daddy can fix it". Some things even Daviid can't fix.

Ds#3 when looking at his brother said, "It makes me want to laugh and cry all at the same time."

I responded, "Me, too, honey." It's amazing how an 8 yr old can encapsulate such a mixed feeling into words.

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