Monday, October 01, 2007

Just Say Yes

I read an article about a homeschool mom looking back at the end of her journey. It was about things she'd done right and things she'd wished she'd learned earlier along the way. This piece of advice struck me. I think it's a small thing that I can do to be more positive :

Just Say Yes.We seem to have bought into the "Just Say No" mentality: No, you may not have dessert because you didn't eat your supper. No, you may not play with your friend because you didn't finish your chores. I realized that I could turn those no's into yes's and turn the responsibility into a positive thing for my kids. Yes, you may have dessert as soon as you finish your healthy food. Yes, you may play with her after you finish your morning jobs. I was not "The Bad Guy" anymore. After all, I was giving them permission to do what they had asked (if it was truly an acceptable option). The responsibility was now in their laps. If they did not get dessert, whose choice had that been? And whose "fault" was it now if they didn't finish their chores and get to play? Aha! The concept of personal responsibility!

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  1. I love it! I've often thought that parents, myself included, say "no" too quickly just because it's easier sometimes b/c it might mean less mess or less work for ourselves. I think I do say "yes" in this way sometimes, but it's a good reminder to do it this way more often and put the responsiblity on the child. Thanks for the reminder!