Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Complain - again

We're talking about induction.
I'm about as miserable as I can be without actually being in labor. Being off the progesterone has not been fun. I feel shaky and out of sorts. My skin is crawling and it almost hurts to wear clothes (not because they're too tight, but everything is hypersensitive - temperature, texture, sounds, smells...) I want to cry, alot. I'm having a really hard time sleeping - as I relax, my body will have a huge desire to move (pace, wiggle, flip flop) or I'll hear a non-existant doorbell in the middle of the night and be fully awake with my heart racing. My mind won't process information and everything seems disjointed - like a dream state. I'll see water running and hear water running and not be able to put together that they're coming from the same source. I'm nauseous and having a hard time eating or drinking & the baby doesn't appear to be gaining much of anything the last 2 weeks.

We've got it tentatively planned for Saturday...maybe I'll go into labor on my own.
I'm just holding onto Jesus really tightly -- it's about all I can do.

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