Thursday, June 05, 2008

Doctors of the Church

To go along with the project in the Good News Teacher's Planner, I made a poster of the Doctors of the Church so while we're doing history this summer we can cover the Doctors as they appear in history. We'll also follow along with celebrating their Feast Days as they hit in the liturgical year.

A friend commented that it seems a little soon to make a poster for next year -- I have to work when inpiration hits and since I just read the planner, now is the time! I also bought green candles to put out for feast days of a Doctor of thr church. I saw an idea of putting a picture in a CD case ( so it will stand up) -- maybe I'll do that with the candles...we can call them "Dr. days?" We'll see...

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  1. Yo, Jenn! I have a question for you about these planners... what's the difference between the elementary and the primary teacher's planner? which one would I need for second grade/preschool?? I thought primary and elementary meant the same thing... couldn't seem to figure it out from the website. thanks!!!