Monday, June 09, 2008

School Planners for the Teacher

Anne left me a comment, I thought I'd answer here (I've gotten this question a few times) -

Yo, Jenn! I have a question for you about these planners... what's the difference between the elementary and the primary teacher's planner? which one would I need for second grade/preschool?? I thought primary and elementary meant the same thing... couldn't seem to figure it out from the website. thanks!!!

Anne, The primary student planner has 2 lines with dots in between for the kids to write their own assignments for the day. http://www.goodnewsplanners.com/images/products/pdf/JSD.pdf
The elementary planner has boxes with smaller lines for assignments. http://www.goodnewsplanners.com/images/products/pdf/JSA.pdf
The jr. high planner has blank sections for assignments. http://www.goodnewsplanners.com/images/products/pdf/JSE.pdf

The TEACHER PLANNER has all the teacher stuff PLUS an elementary student planner in it. There's a great description on the 4Real Boards - http://4real.thenetsmith.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=20377&PN=2&TPN=2, go all the way to the bottom and it's 4 responses up from the bottom of the above link.

This is from the Goodnews Website :
Both editions are FULLY COMPATIBLE with all three editions of the Good News™
Student Planners!

The Primary version of our Teacher Planner offers kindergarten and primary
teachers all the information contained in the Elementary Planner supplement
PLUS:•An ADDITIONAL 70 pages of ideas and reproducible artwork JUST FOR
YOUNGER CHILDREN. 150 pages in all!
I ordered the Elementary Teacher Planner and I don't have the reproducible artwork (just a few pages of them).

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