Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Homeschool Subject Poster Planner

I've needed a way to get the kids to do school first thing in the morning while I'm still comatose from being up at night with the baby. It allows us to keep the kids on track with a glance and allows them to be as independent as possible.

This method wouldn't work if I wanted to keep lesson plans or have any complicated organization. Their planners work well for having each child doing the same subject matter in history but assignments on each person's own level.

I put the poster in landscape mode and divided it into 4ths (for my 4 kids that need to do school). Then I divided their 4th into 6 lines (that gave each a 2" space to write in) for the subject I wanted each child to do on their own.

When they complete a subject, they put a pencil checkmark on that day and that subject for their name. When I get up, they get a sticker for doing it without being told. Throughout the day, we mark it off with a checkmark only if I'm up when it's gotten done. Their books are either in their desks or any math papers or other assignments are paperclipped to the poster so they know exactly what they're supposed to be doing.

This has worked well for a whole 2 days so I thought I'd share.

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