Sunday, December 23, 2007

Blue Christmas

Here's a peek into our house : After our little Christmas Tree incident last year, we had to go Christmas Tree shopping. I told Dave that if he wanted a real tree (something I've never wanted) this would be the year to get it. Next year when I have a toddler crawling around, I'm not going to want to worry about pine needles dropping on the floor. He said he wasn't dying to have a real one this year, so we went to Hobby Lobby. They had 50% off all their trees.

I've always wanted a silver and blue Christmas tree, but Dave hasn't thought that seemed much like Christmas. This year, he let me have just what I wanted. So I bought silver and blue metalic wrap to go around the tree. I've been thrilled with our Christmas tree this year. We decorated it with blue glass balls we've had since our first year of marriage (that year I put blue balls & white from our wedding bouquet on the tree -- that was lovely, also) and a package of white and blue candy canes from the dollar store. We leave our tree up until Epiphany, January 6th, so I have a while to enjoy the tree, yet.

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