Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quote of the Day

Today, Ds#5 who is potty training, woke up with a dry diaper.
Mama :
Good BOY!! Go potty like a big boy!
I took him to the bathroom and watched him walk in. I didn't stay with him the way I've been insisting the bigger kids do when they take him to the potty.

A few minutes later I heard a blood curdling scream and indistinguishable verbalizations coming from Dd#2.
What's wrong?
Sure enough, he was.

I sent Dd#2 up to her room to compose herself and cleaned up the mess. While I was doing that both the older boys incredulously asked why the 2 year old would do such a thing. I reassured them he wasn't trying to be as naughty as he'd been. I was sure that after walking into the bathroom it occured to him he'd rather spend his time eating just then than going potty. He opened the fridge door and as soon as the cold air hit his naked lower half, his full bladder couldn't be controlled.

I win for having today's oddest quote of the day. When I dreamed of being a wife and a mother, that wasn't one of the phrases I'd anticipated hearing from my children.

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  1. ROFL!!! Thanks for the laugh! Sorry about the pee though. LOL