Saturday, July 24, 2010

One of the BEST Resources for Catholic Homeschool Highschool

We have really been impressed with Homeschool Connections. Dd#1 took a Homeschool Connections Latin Class! (because I've assisted as far as I can without actually knowing Latin and now it's time to outsourse.)

  1. It's Catholic. Genuinely Catholic, not pretending so they can get an agenda across, just lovingly, happily, Catholic.

  2. The teacher, Alecia Rollings, seems to genuinely enjoy working with the kids. She made the class fun and Dd#1 really appreciated her encouraging feedback.

  3. The way the kids can interact with each other using the rolling text chat helps them tease, have fun and get to know each other. Within the first few classes, we were tossing around names of kids whom I'd never met, but with whom Dd#1 seemed to have made a connection. (a "homeschool connection")

  4. She learned a TON and I DIDN'T have to disrupt anyone else's school and I DIDN'T have to get everyone out of the house (it can be like herding cats) and I DIDN'T have to drive around town and I DIDN'T have to waste time in the car and I DIDN'T have to pay for gas....so many things about this work for me.

  5. It was really easy to use Homeschool Connection's software program and they walked us right through technical difficulties. Actually, they tried valiantly to help us with technical difficulties -- the real problem was my kids in the next room needed to quiet down. All we had to buy was a headset/mic from Walmart and we were cooking with gas!

  6. Dd#1 really liked the video feed on the teacher. Having non-verbal feedback (a smile) to her mistakes made her feel welcome and at ease.

  7. A few hours after she attended the class, she could hear the recording of the class (in case her siblings were too loud during that part) or if she had to miss a class, she didn't actually miss any information.

  8. Dd#1 submitted all the homework directly to the teacher who graded it. Homeschool Connections doesn't keep records for the kids' grades, but the teacher does assign a grade at the end of the class.

  9. It was the cheapest "live" Latin class she could attend that I could find -- but seriously not cheap on quality of education. Of all the classes in town I could drive her to and all the classes online I could sign her up for -- it was really inexpensive.

  10. She has also liked the "auditing" feature of classes. In the spring, we took advantage of their 7 days for $1 to survey any of their pre-recorded classes. Dd#1 chose a class she was interested in (Tolkein with Dr. Robert F. Gotcher) and she listened to and did the work of that pre-recorded class for a week while I reduced her school load in other classes. So, she took an 8-week course, submitted the homework to me, and I could give her credit for it. The 7days/$1 deal is a one-time-offer. We'll definately be signing up for their $30/month subscription to get access to all their pre-recorded classes. Dd#1 said it was a little frustrating when she couldn't answer a question she knew, but for the price -- I'm ok with that!


  1. I am just learning about Homeschool Connections and this has been an excellent way to learn more about their programs, thank you so much for sharing this ~

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    I am trying to understand the teacher assistance on the classes that have been pre-recorded. How does that happen?

    1. Some of the classes are listened to as if the child is in the class, others are answering the questions, and your child is just not responding. For an additional fee, though, some of the classes have the original teacher grade your child's assignments for that class. You sign up for those classes and request the additional service and the teacher will contact you about the assignments.