Thursday, July 01, 2010

Menu Plan Mondays

I like the title -- I know, I know, it's Thursday...WhatEVER!

M - Mac & Cheese w/broccoli (lunch)
Salad w/ fixins & cold left-over salmon & Soup & Homemade Buscuits (dinner)

T - Chips, Salsa, refried beans, cheese & apples
Meatball Hoagies & Corn on the cob & mango slices

W - Ham & swiss sandwiches, pretzels & fruit
Ministrone soup (substituting beef broth for the chicken & adding a little thyme) w/ left-over steak chunks & Salad & Homemade rolls

Th - SOS (Creamed Dried Beef on Toast) & fruit
Chicken Gyros

F - Egg Salad Sandwiches & fruit

S - Hotdogs w/ chili sauce
Stir Fry w/left-over chicken & fried rice

S - Salad w/ left-over ham slices & chkn & rice soup (w/ left-over fried rice)
Chicken Ka-bobs

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