Monday, December 01, 2008


THIS ROCKS!! You can sign up for a daily free e-mail that contains a full LOAD of activities for Advent each day M-Sat. FREEEEEE!!!!!
They have coloring pages you can print each day FOR FREE! Jesse Tree ornaments to print color & hang with a pieces of yarn PLUS the bible story to go with it! They have daily videos of kids praying and daily audio recordings of special feasts or saints for the day...crossword puzzles, word searches, .....and more!!!
WOW! I wouldn't have had to plan ANYTHING for Advent and this would have been an awesome Advent with this free product!!
Click the picture above to go to HolyHeroes.com and sign up for your FREE daily Advent Activities!!
EASY, complete and FREE! What a GREAT Advent present to moms!!

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