Friday, February 15, 2008

Stations of the Cross Booklets

Stations of the Cross Booklets for Kids

  • I really liked the pictures in this free online coloring book.
  • I click the "Print" button in the PDF file.
  • Then the "Properties" button within the print box.
  • Then the "Finishing" tab.
  • Half-way down the page on the left-hand side, I choose the "Pages per sheet" pull-down menu and select "4".
  • Then I hit "OK"
  • I chose to only print pages 1-16 since 17 is blank and it prints out pages we can cut, color & staple for a Stations of the Cross booklet the kids can take to Stations with them.

I'll follow the advice from the Remain in Me book I just got from CHC. It suggests having the kids put their own meditations on the page opposite the picture they colored for each station. I love the sisters that run those schools: Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist. The kids call them "Mama's Nuns", because I pray for them and love them so much. They host a married women's Catholic retreat in Advent that is sooo wonderful!!

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  1. Anonymous11:21 AM

    agoldThis is a really nice project. I am going to use it with 2nd grade students in a religious education class in Texas. Thanks for sharing